2021 Information

With 2021 and the current status of the Pandemic, we have decided to not hold an in-person event at Devils Head this year. This has been a hard decision to make due to the nature of the event being outdoors and our plans of modifying the event to prevent points of risk. Unfortunately, with the timing of the pandemic and the roll out of the vaccine, we are altering the event to be a remote event.

Furski 2021 will be held Feburary 6th, 2021. The theme is "Apart but not Alone!" We have many fluffs over multiple states and bringing everyone to one location during the pandemic is unsafe for everyone involved. So we asking everyone involved to do an outdoor activity near your home instead. Even though we are apart since we all are skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, etc on the same day, we will never be alone!

No matter what activity you choose, we ask you to submit a photo of the Activty and the badge we will mail to you. You can be in the photo if you would like, suit or no suit is fine. Make the photo what you want! These pictures will be edited together for the group photo for the year. Information on submission will be provided to furskiers who register.

Why Register?

Even though we are doing a remote event, we are still looking towards the future of the event. These funds will allow for us to continue to build a better event in 2022, when we plan to hold the event in person again. It also helps with some of the expenses of the event this year including Mailing (badges, shirts, and stickers) and supplies. Some of our future plans we are looking into involve meals, dedicated rooms, and possibly sponsoring a DJ in one of the bars at Devils Head.


Yes! you heard right! We have a T-Shirt and Customizable Hoodie for sale! Now due to the logistics of the pandemic, we won't be able to have them in time of Furski 2021 but once they are made, we plan to ship them out to purchasers as soon as possible! We won't have any extras made so this is your one chance to get the shirt and only time to get the sweatshirt in time for next year's event. You can purchase these with your registration or contact Wolfletech for other options. More Details below.

2021 Registration

Regular Badge: $8

Includes the registration badge, 2 stickers, and picture on group photo.

Sponsor Badge: $30

Includes the T-Shirt, Registration badge, 3 stickers, and special picture on group photo.

Register Now

2021 T-Shirt

Going along with our theme this year, "Apart but not Alone" the T-shirt is a symbol of how we together will get through this pandemic year and will be together again next year! This will only be available this year and not remade again


*Sponsors get 1 shirt included in their package.

Furski Hoodie


Customization: +$10

On the slopes or around town, you will be warm while still being cool!

Furski Stickers

Helmet, Board, Fursuit bin, car, laptop, favorite lift pole, the possiblilities are endless!!


What is Furski?

To enjoy all that our community has to offer, all of our seasons, why not enjoy the cold together!

Welcome to the 3rd year of the Furski! Based in Wisconsin, we take over a hill for a weekend for fun, friends, and furs!


Of the snow, fur, friends, and fandom!


Enjoy time with current ones and meet new ones!

Falling Snow

All the fun of a Ski Resort with our own twist!

Telegram Group

Furski Telegram Group chat

Devil's Head Resort

For Lodging, Trail Maps, and Resturant Info

Furski Coordinators

It takes a dedicated team to put together such a fun event for everyone. We are gifted with such a talented team to help send fluffs down hill!

Furski Chair


Been running events for over 5 years in the fandom now, Wisconsin raised, cheese loving fluffball who loves Skiing and learning snowboarding. Helped create Furski in 2019 and is also Chairperson of Wisconsin Furs Inc.

Twitter: @Wolfletech

Social Media


This is my first year helping run an event. I've been skiing for 3 years and had a blast last year at Furski. Glad I chose to help out with an event that has so much potential!


Zed Armadillo

Artist, skier, bowling ball, and roadkill. Zed has been mastering the art of causal skiing in Wisconsin since 1999. This is his first year staffing Furski and looking forward to many more! Need a friendly face and someone to ski with? Zed is your guy!