February 10th, 2024

What is Furski?

To enjoy all that our community has to offer, all of our seasons, why not enjoy the cold together!

Welcome to the 5th year of the Furski! Based in Wisconsin, we take over a hill for a weekend for fun, friends, and furs!

The Hill

Devil's Head Resort S6330 Bluff Road Merrimac, WI 53561

Devils Head has graciously allowed us to fluff up the powder even more this year. Located in the Baraboo Bluffs, Devils Head is one of the most Premere Ski Resorts in Wisconsin. Rentals available and we will have a room available for changing into your Fursuits. That's right. They have allowed us to suit on the hill!

The Trail map can be found here: Trail Map


One of the reasons why we chose Devils Head Resort is there is lodging right on site! We do not have a room block this year but if you want to enjoy the weekend with us, you are more than happy to do just that!

Lodging information can be found on the Devils Head Resort Lodging page

Book your Hotel room here for February 9th-11th, 2024 - Reservation link here!

Choose from these room types to be Nearest to the Majority of the Group:

Lodge, Premier King Bed, or Premier Double Beds

You can also book by Calling the Resort and Requesting a Room in the A or B wing of the Lodge

(Note: C-wing is still attached to the Lodge though these rooms are not as Convenient to access from the Hill)

** Hotel Requires a 2 night stay and a $100 Deposit per Room

Email [email protected] for questions.

Furski Chair


I've Been running events and staffing cons for over 5 years in the fandom now, Wisconsin born and raised.

I started Skiing as a wee lad with my parents and about 3 years ago picked it up as my go to hobby in the winter, I ski about 10-12 days a year on average currently, and have skiied many of the Hills in Wisconsin, as well as a few in the UP and Minnesota. Hoping to expand the roster even more this winter and soon I want to Go out to Colorado to Ski with some Friends!

You can find my antics On Social Media Here: Bluesky Twitter

Registration is Live


Lift Tickets

Saturday: $90

Lift Ticket also grants you access to the Furski Refreshment Shack, Lunch in Dante's Cafe, and Badge for the event. You must have the badge to enter into the room.

Lift Ticket & Rentals

Saturday: $142

Devils Head has a wide variety of rental sizes for Skis and Snowboards. If you don't have your own equipment, no worries!

This will be a part of registration page if you need rental equipment.

If you have any questions, please let one of the Coordinators know!

No other Devils Head rates or discounts are available with this discount. If you purchase a lift ticket outside the Furski registration page, you will not be granted a badge for the event.

Telegram Group

Furski Telegram Group chat

Devil's Head Resort

For Lodging, Trail Maps, and Resturant Info